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Health Work Essentials Set

Health Work Essentials Set

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Health Worker Essentials Set - Set of 3

Look good while doing good! Nothing like some stylish accessories to brighten up your 'scrubs'!

Items included in set -
EARSAVER - 7.5cm acrylic earsaver to save your ears. Assist those wearing medical masks for extended hours. Able to be washed and sterilised.

Keeping essential workers organised.
East access to security passes and ID badge.
Clip onto belt or pocket.
3.7cm diameter.

Perfect mini size (10mm) for your lobes!

Note: if only a badge reel could be sourced and guaranteed not to break eventually! For this reason, badge topper can one day be re-used on new reel (with the help of some double sided tape!).

Due to delicate nature of badge reel, this set will be sent in protective box via tracked Regular Post.
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