Be Open To Experiences and Embrace New Opportunities! - Jenna

Be Open To Experiences and Embrace New Opportunities! - Jenna

As a nursing student it was my dream to work in ED or a busy surgical ward with critically ill patients. I was so excited to hit the floor but when that time actually came the reality shock sunk in. I did not enjoy working on the ward and knew that was not the nursing career I wanted to pursue. This placed additional stress on me as the road I set out for myself I no longer wanted to take. I questioned whether nursing was even for me and considered leaving the profession altogether. 

Following my graduate program I gained employment in the endoscopy unit of a busy tertiary hospital. I have no previous gastro experience and therefore had no idea what to expect. I absolutely loved procedural nursing and loved the thrill you would get from banding a variceal bleed or trailing out stones during an ERCP. With over 12 months experience in gasto I was competent in performing complex procedures, working after hours on call and facilitating student nurses. Unfortunately one busy shift when I was in a rush I managed to fall over and break my foot. I ended up in a moon boot and required 12 weeks off work, away from the clinical area. 

At the time I was devastated, I loved work and was so disappointed I was not able to continue facilitating the students that I had at the time. After being at home for 5 weeks I was asked by my OSH consultant if I would like to assist with COVID contact tracing within the infection control team. I thought why not and decided to give it a go! 

I spent the next 5 weeks working with the infection control team and loved my time with them so much that I decided to apply to a permanent RN job. After successfully gaining the role in infection control I left my endoscopy nurse role and moved to infection control permanently. Initially I was anxious about leaving the clinical area, not knowing if I had made the right decision. 

Over 6 months later I am now a CN in infection control. I have had so many incredible opportunities whilst being here and know that I made the right decision! Looking back 3 years ago I never would have guessed that this is the role I would be in. My advice to you all is take the opportunities presented to you, don’t be too hard on yourself and follow a road you think you are meant to take. Often the best opportunities come up unexpectedly and for the right reasons! Be open to new experiences, the nursing world is huge and there is so much out there! You will find what you love and where you are meant to be, so stick it out, especially during those most difficult days! 

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