Be The Person ChatGPT Thinks You Are - Jen Harland

Be The Person ChatGPT Thinks You Are - Jen Harland


An interesting thing happened the other day.

Between meetings and responding to emails, I received a request for my bio to promote a course I will be delivering. Being late on a Friday afternoon, I went for the easy option and started hunting for one I had prepared earlier. I found it on my first search of ‘bio’ and was about to forward it when I paused and thought, I better check it first. It was dreary. It was as exciting as Ikea assembly instructions; plenty of facts, though no real direction. It made me sound like an old, tired nurse who had studied a bit. It needed a refresh.

I started to rewrite it, though I had minimal inspiration. Maybe I was just an old, tired nurse who had studied a bit. For a laugh, I thought, maybe Chat GPT could spruce it up. I cut and pasted my bio into Chat GPT and requested ‘make this more exciting; highlight my passion for nursing’ and pressed enter.

Boom! Within seconds Chat GPT had made me sound like the Taylor Swift of nursing – talented and untouchable. Descriptors such as ‘a dynamic force in the healthcare landscape’, ‘a journey nothing short of remarkable’ and ‘unwavering commitment to education and training’. I had an extra loud giggle at ‘her heart beats for nursing’. However, there was one line that got my attention and made me sit up straight with pride: ‘Her story is one of resilience, passion, and tireless dedication’.

That resonated; was Chat GPT onto something?

It was at that point that I thought, why can’t I be this person? After all, I have dedicated most of my life to nursing, and I am very proud of my achievements. After some minor tweaks and removing the heartbeat reference, I joyfully sent it off to the requestor. Part of me thought they would think I was delusional, and the other part worried that now I had to live up to great expectations!

Challenge accepted – I am going to be the person Chat GPT thinks I am.

I set you the same challenge.

Dig out your old, tired bio and run it through Chat GPT. Does it shine a different light on you? Does it make you rethink who you are and how you represent yourself?

Let me know what Chat GPT thinks of you.

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