Vicky Stewart - Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions/Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia

Vicky Stewart - Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions/Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia

Vicky Stewart
Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions (NAMAS)
Proprietor and Consultant.
Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia
(NAMABA) Administrator/Moderator/Group Expert.

Having completed my hospital based Enrolled Nurse training with the Canterbury Hospital Board in 1985, I moved to Australia in 1987.
In the first 3 years of my career, I worked in public hospitals specialising in
It was in 1988 that I really found my niche in the Peri-operative environment.
Since then, I have worked in General Operating Theatres, Day Surgery units and hospitals, Endoscopy units and Central Sterilising Services Departments, in both public and private hospitals.
In addition to these specialised services I have worked intermittently in Aged Care, Medical & Surgical wards, Agencies and Clinics.
In 1997 after increasing workloads and conflict in my workplace I became a
workplace activist.

Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia (NAMABA) was founded by
Tammy Copley in June 2020 to facilitate discussion, and action regarding increased workplace bullying, harassment, and inappropriate behaviour in Australian health care settings, and specifically within Nursing and Midwifery.
NAMABA now has over 1900 nurses, midwives, nursing and midwifery students,
assistants in nursing and personal carers from around Australia.

We come from the different States of Australia, cultural backgrounds, work
environments, age groups, classifications, professional organisations, associations, and unions, however, we have all come together with a common goal and purpose.
We want to bring attention to, and eradicate the bullying, harassment and
inappropriate behaviour that is being perpetrated within nursing and midwifery
across public and private health care including aged care and non-clinical settings.
As an administrator of the group, it is evident that many nurses and midwives do
not have the knowledge, understanding, or the desire to appropriately escalate and resolve workplace issues including non-compliance matters.
Additionally, they may not be aware of their workplace rights, and workplace
protections in place.
We want to provide practical and emotional support to our members who often feel very isolated and alone, we want to challenge the status quo.

You can find NAMABA on

After 12 years as a Union activist, Branch Secretary and Workplace Representative in New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD) I commenced employment in 2010 with the largest union in QLD for Nurses, Midwives, Carers and Students.
For over 10 years I was employed as a Private Sector/Private Hospital Organiser.
As an Organiser I was the conduit between Members, Officials and other
stakeholders including Employers.
I was also fortunate enough to participate in a rotation to the Member and Specialist Services Team.
I directly advised, represented, and advocated for members going through the
disciplinary process, complaints process, performance improvement plans (PIPs), alleged breaches of employer policies, general protection matters and or return to work plans.
The training, education, and professional development I received was extensive and invaluable; it provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions.

NAMAS Mission is to provide clinical and non-clinical Nurses, Midwives and
Students employed in Australian public and private healthcare settings, affordable and individual tailored advice, information, and support when they are wanting to navigate the path to resolution of Workplace issues including how to gather appropriate evidence.
NAMAS Vision is to improve the lives of those affected directly, or indirectly by
inappropriate, & unreasonable behaviour perpetrated by colleagues, and employer representatives.

NAMABA & NAMAS have a common goal, we want to bring about positive
cultural change within Nursing and Midwifery.
I describe myself as having a great sense of humour, am very compassionate, caring and dedicated to improving the lives of nurses, midwives, students, and the patients and residents under our care.
I can also be dogmatic, pragmatic and rather process driven.

You can find Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions at or

Vicky Stewart October 2022

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Thank you for advocating against bullying.

Carmel Rivett

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