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Nurse Chill

Nurse Chill - LED Badge Reel Light

Nurse Chill - LED Badge Reel Light

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Night Shift Nurse Badge Reel Light.

Retractable and Rechargeable Clip On Flashlight & Badge Holder.

An essential for any Night Shift Worker 

  • Use this multi-function badge reel night light as a flashlight or pen light for assessing patients, finding supplies, administering meds, checking IV pumps, turning patients, quick tasks, and so much more. Completely hands-free. Prevent yourself from fumbling around looking for light switches, waking up patients abruptly, and stumbling on cords and medical equipment. Increases your safety and patient safety. This nurse accessory is a must have if you are a travel nurse and adjusting to new environments. It is also a new nurse must have and it will save you unnecessary frustration as you learn your workflow.
  • WIPEABLE, and SHOCK-RESISTANT badge reel can survive heavy use and accidental dropping. It has a great soft silicone one touch ON/OFF setting. This makes a great ICU, ER, M/S, NICU, PICU, inpatient, or pediatric nurse accessory where you are in and out of patient rooms and working quickly. This is a night shift essential, but also very useful for day shifts when patients are resting and lights are off.
  • FAST RECHARGEABLE BATTERY (1-2 hrs) allows for up to 12 hours of continuous use and eliminates need for buying and installing expensive batteries. You can charge at a desk, nurses station, or in a car while driving home. One charge will last you multiple shifts of frequent use. DIRECTIONAL SOFT LIGHT swivels to point downward, preventing glare to your eyes and making it the perfect work night light that is bright but not too bright.
  • HOLDS ON - the alligator clip holds onto your shirt without falling off like magnetic lights. DURABLE REEL with high quality nylon and reinforced ID strap will withstand thousands of pulls and stretches 24" long. Hang your favorite nurse badge accessories.
  • VERSATILE clip on flashlight can be used in many other settings outside of healthcare. Great for field workers who need light for paperwork. Great for teachers, staff, and volunteers at night-time school events. Great for people working concerts or other night-time events where a hands free flashlight would be handy
  • Try it and see for yourself! 
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