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Student Nurse Kit - Deluxe

Student Nurse Kit - Deluxe

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Nurse Life has partnered with local suppliers to bring you Student Nurse Kits that meet all your needs including the student budget! Available in basic or deluxe, these kits will set you up on the right track for your career.

Kits can be customised to your specific school's needs, just send us a message to discuss.

Deluxe Kit:
- Sphygmo
- Double Bell Stethoscope (choice of colour)
- 4 Colour Pen
- Fob Watch (choice of colour)
- Pen Torch (choice of colour) *Battery not included
- Blunt/Sharp Scissors
- Badge Reel and Clear Card Wallet
- Drug Calculation Card
- Stethoscope Tag
+ Artery Forceps
+ Safety Glasses
+ Thermometer

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